Success Stories Regarding Cannabis Oil

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December 29, 2017
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Success Stories Regarding Cannabis Oil

Success Stories Regarding Cannabis Oil

More success stories regarding cannabis oil are emerging. More cannabis users are having huge successes using cannabis oils of different strains to treat their ailments, or to maintain their health. At Medical Cannabis Oils, we believe in sharing cannabis oil success stories to allow you to choose your method and product for your needs. Our three success stories regarding cannabis oil include a South African woman who had Crohn’s Disease, an American woman who had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury leading to Epilepsy and a 63 year old woman from Texas who had lupus. Cannabis Oil is their success story.

Sheila Successfully Cured Crohn’s Disease with Cannabis Oil

When Sheila* (names have been changed) had diarrhoea for ages then constipation intermittently, she knew that something was wrong in her digestive area. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and told to take all kinds of severe conventional medications. Crohn’s Disease is a serious disease of the bowels involving severe inflammation of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms include terrible pain in the abdomen, diarrhoea, iron deficiency, extreme fatique and loss of weight. It can never be cured and patients have to be on chronic medication. Sometimes surgery is necessary. Cancer can be a result of this disease if it does not go away.

But there are success stories regarding cannabis oil where Crohn’s Disease has been successfully treated! Sheila decided to take cannabis oil without knowing anything about different strains or dosages. She used common sense and treated herself twice a day with tiny doses. She felt the positive effects soon and recommends cannabis oil for Crohn’s Disease sufferers. Her symptoms have eased and she is a much happier person.

Julie Suffered Epilepsy But No More

Another success story is about a 39-year old woman in Indiana, America, called Julie*.  She had her first seizure when she was 9 years old and then had seizure activity every day which did not need medication. Julie had intractable epilepsy which doctors claim they cannot treat – every medication she tried had no effect on her seizure activity. She suffered terrible side effects when she tried to increase her dosage or timing of medication and there were no benefits whatsoever. Sheila gained weight, suffered terrible allergies, could not sleep and was very depressed – even trying suicide a few times. At last, Julie tried cannabis oil and is one of the success stories regarding cannabis oil.

She and her partner moved to a cannabis-friendly state and researched the use of cannabis for epilepsy. Julie’s life changed forever: she took cannabis oil for her seizures and this helped her almost immediately. The cannabis oil was infused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which makes you high, and the other main cannabinoid, cannabidiol, which is a health therapy. Her fits stopped with no seizure activity for 24 hours at a stretch. She escaped terrible symptoms of nausea, cramping, hallucinations and depression. Julie’s success story regarding cannabis oil means she is alive and positive and managing her terrible illness with strength.

A Cannabis Oil Success Story – Treating Lupus

Another terrible disease that wreaks havoc on the body is Lupus. This disease has several success stories regarding cannabis oil. Terry had terrible Lupus when her face flared red and she was in agony all over her body. She felt dizzy and faint constantly and her medications did not help much. Once she started to take cannabis oil for her pain and flashes, she was able to drop the medications, losing their awful symptoms. She takes cannabis oil three to four times a day in tiny amounts. She says her heart and lungs will also benefit. Terry’s tale is one of many success stories regarding cannabis oil. Contact us at Medical Cannabis Oils to order your dosage today.

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