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South Africa Sells Cannabis Oil – Update

Remember that at Medical Cannabis Oils, we know that South Africa sells cannabis oil and we know that we do it best. In this update, you will learn where to get cannabis oil in South Africa and the latest legal update. We sell and deliver cannabis oil products nationwide via couriers. Buy your medical cannabis oil in South Africa from us today. Because medical Cannabis Oils is the top supplier of the best grade medical cannabis oils in the country. We use a solvent-free extraction process on our cannabis oils. We only use coconut oil which has never been stored in any type of syringe.

Cannabis Oil in South Africa for Sale

Yes, our medical cannabis oils are manufactured in South Africa using the highest quality equipment, and the best strains of the pure cannabis plants. We supply superior products to you. Medical Cannabis Oils South Africa sells cannabis balm, a cannabis oil-infused topical that is ideal if  you suffer from pain in your joints or muscles. Rub it into the aching area and allow the Shea butter blend of cannabis oil, hemp oil and coconut oil seep in. Added essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary add to the healing effect.

Our cannabis oil capsules, packed with the cannabidiol (CBD) benefits, are our biggest cancer fighter! They have great medical value, cause no liver damage, fight cancer, help with epilepsy seizures and have the most amazing effects with any pain management. Then there are our tinctures, the best form of cannabis oil if you have to use them during the day. They allow you to manage doses. You can have 3 drops – or you can have 15 drops if you are treating a serious disease like cancer, but still need to stay sharp during the day.

South Africa Sells Good Quality CBD – Update Here

Meanwhile, we are waiting in the wings while South Africa still updates its laws regarding cannabis products – the ownership of, use of and sale of cannabis and its products. CBD is legal in South Africa, as medical cannabis that can be prescribed by a medical practitioner. But there are strict guidelines regarding the use of legal medical cannabis in South Africa. No recreational use of cannabis is allowed, especially of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive cannabinoid in the plant.

The Medical Control Council (MCC) has stipulated that if any doctors want to prescribe medical cannabis, they need to do so following the exceptional circumstances in which it is allowed. The government will control the medical cannabis industry to ensure patient safety. Any cannabis plants, products and materials will be scrutinised before use, with strict quality control rules to be followed.

Get Your CBD at Medical Cannabis Oils

South Africa sells cannabis oil if it is CBD but it is expensive therefore out of the range of many normal South Africans who cannot afford it. This is sad as cannabis oil has so many healing properties that are often better than pharmaceutical drugs which often have terrible side effects. Many cancer patients use cannabis oil to not only treat their cancer, but also to take the edge off the chemotherapy which has harmful side effects. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and anti-pain. CBD is also a known anti-depressant which eases anxiety and stress.

No one can become addicted to CBD or suffer any side effects from it – which is why it is legal in many countries today. THC is another story, however, and should be used in consultation with an expert. The blend of THC to CBD where the ratio of CBD is higher, is a good therapy as the THC then loses its psychoactive powers as CBD is anti-psychotic. We know that South Africa sells cannabis oil and we hope that this update was useful – please consult our website to find out more about our products!

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