Cannabis Oil Treats Your Sick Dog

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January 9, 2018
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Cannabis Oil Treats Your Sick Dog

Cannabis Oil Treats Your Sick Dog

Did you know that cannabis oil treats your sick dog? All you have to do is try – carefully. There are wonderful stories about dogs on cannabis oil who have lost their painful arthritis, do not have cataracts and are able to enjoy great quality of life. Dog owners need to do their homework about cannabis oil for pets and decide how to treat them with the help from an expert. What we do know is that cannabis oil is generally a harmless, side effect-free substance that has treated uncountable diseases until now.

CBD is Better than THC for Sick Dogs

Cannabis contains the psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabinol which would not be good to give your dog. But cannabidiol (CBD) does treat your sick dog as this cannabinoid has no side effects. When you mix THC and CBD, the CBD mitigates the psychoactive properties of the THC and the combination is a powerful natural medication. These days, you can treat your dog with cannabis oil edibles containing CBD or hemp oil which are considered safe. If your dog overdoses on cannabis or eats your raw cannabis by mistake, the side effects can be horrible. Your dog will lose his balance, feel very tired, feel panicky or anxious, hate loud noises and battle to breathe. This is so unfair on your animal.

Dogs also have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans, which maintains an innate balance of immunity and health. The cannabis oil you treat your sick dog with interacts with the endocannabinoid system and offers relief from certain conditions. Many people say that their dogs have taken cannabis oil to treat pain, digestion issues, seizures and anxiety. Using the CBD-infused cannabis oil is safe and a great option besides conventional pet medications. The main issue is the size of the dose so you need to know how much cannabis oil you need to treat your sick dog.

Treat Your Dog with Cannabis Oil (CBD) To Get Better

CBD has positive benefits for the nervous system and inflammation (a sign of disease). Rats were given a low dose of CBD to treat seizures and it worked. CBD is not as toxic as conventional drugs which often have irreversible side effects. Your dog cannot overdose on CBD cannabis oil and this medication would work out cheaper than normal drugs in the long term.  CBD works as this cannabinoid works together with receptors in the body to manage pain, inflammation, depression, nausea, insomnia and more.

Why not consult your veterinarian about using cannabis oil to treat your sick dog. There are many agreeable vets who will guide you to do this in the right way. Contact us about more advice on how cannabis oil treats your sick dog and you will feel relieved.



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