Using Cannabis Oil to Treat Cancer of Pets

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September 29, 2017
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October 3, 2017

Using Cannabis Oil to Treat Cancer of Pets

Using cannabis oil to treat cancer of pets

We all know what it is like when our favourite pet gets cancer – devastating. It is almost as devastating as when someone we know gets cancer. But we can assist our pets to escape pain and nausea, stress and vomiting – all associated with cancer. Cannabis oil can be used to treat cancer of pets.

How cannabis oil provides your pet with relief from cancer

Cannabis oils provide relief to dogs with cancer when the cannabinoids in the cannabis cooperate with the endocannabinoid system in the animal. The cannabis oil interacts with these receptors in the body and help to balance pain, anxiety, nausea and other symptoms of cancer. The best part about giving your pet cannabis oil for cancer is that it cannot damage the animal in any way and it won’t hurt the animal’s kidney, liver or  digestive system. Also, the dog will not get high or feel overly tranquilised.

Never let your pet overdose on cannabis oil

When you dose your dog with cannabis oil you need to be careful of not overdosing. Like any medication, too much can be risky but not really life-threatening. Even when a pet overdoses on chocolate, it can be life-threatening so imagine your dog ingesting too much cannabis oil? They may become listless and not be able to stand or eat. Then you take them to the vet. It is also vital to remember that along with all your good intentions of curing your pet from cancer with cannabis oil, you should remember that it is not a panacea for pets. Always ask your veterinarian first before you treat your dog with cannabis oil.

How do you give your pet cannabis oil to fight cancer?

The best way to give a dog cannabis oil is in its mouth. You can also use it along with historical treatments and other medications you have chosen to save your pet. Sometimes the cannabis works better if used in conjunction with traditional medicines. It is vital to give your pet the right dose of cannabis oil. Stick to the recommended dose at all times. Remember, this is your pet, not a human being. This way you also ensure you help your pet get better, without suffering any ill-effects. The worst thing you can do is give the pet too much cannabis oil with THC in it and the poor dog has psychoactive side effects.

Treating your pet’s cancer with cannabis oil

Many domestic animals get cancer and it is a sign of the times we are living in. When a pet lover hears their pet has cancer, they feel anxious and know their pet could die. Common cancers in pets are lymphoma, bone cancer (osteosarcoma), mast cell tumors, bladder cancer and breast cancer (mammary cancer). The first thing you want to do for your beloved pet is to relieve it of any side-effects of cancer such as pain, nausea and vomiting. Cannabis oil can do this for you. In addition, you have chosen to use conventional veterinarian medicine to treat the cancer, the cannabis oil will alleviate the side-effects of this medication too. When the cancer spreads in the animal’s body, the dog feels very tired, bilious, in pain and depressed. If you give your pet cannabis oil, the cannabinoids may assist to stop the spread of the cancer and protect the cells that are still healthy, as well as decreasing the inflammation of the diseased areas of the body.

If your pet gets cancer, please do not hesitate to contact us about using cannabis oil to relieve the pet’s symptoms and side-effects. We know that there is so much goodness in cannabis oil as a health therapy for pets.

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