What Does Cannabis Oil Do For You?

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January 23, 2018
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What Does Cannabis Oil Do For You?

What Does Cannabis Oil Do For You?

People have been taking cannabis oil for medical reasons for decades and we have plenty of evidence regarding what cannabis oil can do for you. Cannabis oil is a panacea and has been incorporated into tinctures, capsules, suppositories, creams and vape e-juices for use by humans who do not want to take conventional drugs. Cannabis has no damaging side effects and works in tune with the body to reach those places in need. What cannabis oil does for you is what a healthy body and mind does to you. You live a better quality life free of those niggles we all fear – pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, sore joints, seizures, muscle issues and more.

How Does Cannabis Oil Help You?

The cannabis plant has two species – cannabis sativa and cannabis indica – and both have positive effects on the human immune system. Sativa is best used during the day as it has elevating, invigorating and motivating qualities.  Indica is a great night time cannabis as it is restful, soothing and sleep-inducing. Both strains are used in medical cannabis products to treat varying symptoms and scientists are discovering more daily about which strain is best for which disease or condition.

Cannabis contains many different cannabinoids too which are at the root of the healing that goes on when you take it. The most common and most prolific cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) which are medical supplements in their own rights. THC makes you high so many cannabis oils contain equal amounts of THC and CBD, or more CBD than THC, to mitigate these pyschoactive tendencies and to heal the condition in the body that needs medication. THC is also illegal in many parts of the world as it is a known recreational substance and many people do abuse their intake of it. CBD, meanwhile, is accepted in many countries as a medical therapy that can be used to supplement or even replace conventional medicines.

No Side Effects for Health

Cannabis oil can do for you more than what conventional drugs can do for you. Normal medicines tend to have dangerous side effects whereas cannabis oils have none. You cannot harm yourself taking cannabis oil whereas you can harm your organs and general immune system taking too many opiates or other prescribed drugs. Take depression, for example. So many people take pills for their depressions and there are many strains of depression. Depression can be caused by malnutrition, traumas and loss, and even inflammation in the brain. Cannabis oils have anti-inflammatory qualities and can treat things like insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite and other symptoms related to depression, so easing the effects of the mental condition.

Balance in the Body, Thanks to Cannabis Oil

Cannabinoids help the body to remain in a state of healthy equilibrium, or to return the body to that state. They cling to cannabinoid receptors that are situated throughout the body and brain. When these receptors are triggered by cannabinoids, they spring into action and the body responds physiologically. We have endocannabinoids within our bodies which work with the endocanabinoid system and when this it out of kilter, adding cannabis cannabinoids to the mix can help the body to readjust. THC and CBD act like some endocannabinoids and help to repair imbalances in the body’s immune system.

This is a little of what cannabis oil does for you but there is much more to discover. Researchers are doing studies daily to discover more how they can use cannabis oil to heal people. Watch this space!


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