How Chemo Side Effects Can Be Treated Effectively with Cannabis Oil

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January 13, 2018
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How Chemo Side Effects Can Be Treated Effectively with Cannabis Oil

How Chemo Side Effects Can Be Treated Effectively with Cannabis Oil

People who have cancer, or who know others with cancer, will want to know how the chemo side effects can be treated effectively with cannabis oil. We know that cancer makes you feel really ill. Then you have to take chemotherapy and this makes  you feel worse. But now there is a product that can treat both the cancer and the chemo side effects – cannabis oil is nature’s panacea! You may choose cannabis oil to alleviate your nausea and vomiting, your anxiety and your insomnia. Or you may choose cannabis oil to find relief from depressing thoughts and lack of appetite. Some cancer patients actually choose cannabis oil to cure their cancer outright and some of them succeed. Read on to find out how chemo side effects can be treated effectively with cannabis oil…

Take Cannabis Oil Alongside Chemo for Effective Treatment

If you choose to take cannabis oil alongside your chemo, you should be able to manage the side effects of the drug quite easily. But you will need quite a hefty dose of cannabis oil to override the power in the chemo. Chemo makes cancer patients feel so ill as it affects every single cell in their bodies, not only the cancer cells. Cannabis oil can treat chemo side effects such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia, lack of appetite and energy, depression, pain and inflammation – among others. The cancer patient can manage these symptoms and so experience a better quality of life – with cancer.

Cannabinoids Work to Heal

Cannabis oil has no side effects and can ease the pain of tingling nerves, chronic pain and anxiety. When cancer patients take opiates, it confuses their brains and as they get weaker they find themselves battling to communicate with their loved ones. But cannabis oil does the same job and keeps the mind clear. It has been shown that cananbidiol (CBD), one of the main cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and used to make cannabis oil, does reduce depression and worry. CBD stimulates the seratonin receptor in the brain linked to moods and anxiety disorders. Other studies have shown the power in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid that is psychoactive but a great healer too. Mixing THC with CBD removes the pyschoactive properties from the cannabis oil and allows the cannabis to treat things like chemo side effects without the patient feeling high.

Try Cannabis Oil to Treat Cancer and Chemo

Scientists are still trying to unravel the truth around the fact that cannabis does “cure cancer” according to many anecdotal accounts. Studies show how the cannabis can shrink tumours and target cancer cells to commit suicide. It can also stop tumours migrating around the body. And it can work together with the chemotherapy to assist the cancer patient to get well. Chemotherapy is a very damaging drug that often speeds up the pain and disease of the cancer patient. Now, using a natural medication such as cannabis oil, patients can both treat the cancer and the chemo side effects, effectively.

Chat to us about your chemo side effects needs – we can recommend a good cannabis oil to treat your side effects effectively, ensuring your better quality of life.


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