Use Cannabis Balm for Arthritis

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August 20, 2018
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Use Cannabis Balm for Arthritis

Use cannabis balm for arthritis and you will soon be pain-free.  Available online, our cannabis balm is an ultra-strength pain relief balm, packed with cannabinoids to make your life happier, stress-free. Our cannabis oil is cannabidiol (CBD) rich, a cannabinoid which is a natural anti-inflammatory, designed to ease the discomfort of inflammation. Medical Cannabis Oils has available a cannabis oil-infused balm that is perfect if you have pain in specific areas of your body.  Arthritis is a good example of localised pain and we recommend our cannabis cream which we have mixed with Shea butter and a blend of beautiful essential oils including peppermint.

Treat Arthritis with Cannabis Balm Made For Pain

Panacea Ultra Strength Pain Relief Balm has been called life-changing by many of our clients while others suffering from arthritis have said it is a life saver.  Use our cannabis oil-infused balm for arthritis, which is great also if you cannot take cannabis oil in other forms except creams.Enjoy the prefect texture in a blend of cannabis and hemp oils with coconut oil, the attractive fragrance and the potent effects of this cream on any aches and pains in joints and muscles.


Panacea Pain Relief Balm is ideal for anyone suffering with arthritis pain, back pain, muscular pain, joint pain, foot pain or pain due to any athletic activities. Cannabis balm for arthritis is the latest product on the health shop shelves with a natural impact on chronic disease. CBD has so many healing qualities and when blended in our potion and rubbed into the skin, it can do so much for the user. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is also much more acceptable in topical form as it does not need to be taken orally, therefore there is no high but, rather, a healing effect.

CBD is the Cannabinoid You Need for Arthritis

CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body (and in the joints where arthritis lurks) and these in turn are triggered by natural endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system is there to protect the body from disease, to ensure that the immune system maintains a healthy sense of balance. Rubbing CBD into arthritis is far better than popping pills for the pain and then having to suffer liver or kidney damage, stomach ulcers and more.  Heavy-duty pain killers may kill the pain for a while but they are not the long term solution. Cannabis oil can even reverse the arthritis with constant attention. And patients can wean themselves off their damaging opiates in the long term. Anecdotal evidence shows that arthritis patients who use cannabis creams are slowly finding more mobility in their joints, and less swelling and pain.

Chat to us today about our cannabis balm for arthritis. You can get it here, online.


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