You Can Avoid Contaminated Cannabis Oil With These Easy Steps

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March 8, 2018
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You Can Avoid Contaminated Cannabis Oil With These Easy Steps

You Can Avoid Contaminated Cannabis Oil With These Easy Steps

Cannabis in various forms is increasingly available as laws start to change. But you can still avoid contaminated cannabis oil with these easy steps. Use your common sense when purchasing any cannabis products. The best cannabis oil is blended with an organic carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil.  The best way to check contaminated cannabis is to know what pure, untouched cannabis looks like.

Easy Steps to Follow

  • Do a visual check – look for a strange colour, inconsistent appearance and mould which is an unusual whitish grainy element on raw cannabis. Check stem and flowers and do not use if you see mould.
  • Taste the raw cannabis – sample a tiny bit of the cannabis. It should taste strong and organic, earthy and not chemical. Be careful when you taste it as contaminated cannabis can make you sick.
  • Check the ash if you are smoking – the ash does not flick off easily and becomes hard if there is a chemical or strange substance in the cannabis. The ash should not be a strange colour and should be light and flaky.
  • Smell the cannabis – of the cannabis smells of chemicals or mould, it is more than likely contaminated. Healthy normal organic cannabis smells earthy and strong. If you cough when  you inhale, it could be that your cannabis is contaminated.
  • Feel the cannabis – break off some fresh cannabis and feel if it is sandy or gritty or chalky. Chemicals can be chalky but normal healthy cannabis feels a little sticky and is usually smooth, not sandy.
  • Contamination label – in many American states, cannabis dispensaries are expected to label their cannabis products so you need to check to see if the product has been tested for contamination. Cannabis should be tested before it hits the shelves. You can avoid contaminated cannabis if you leave the products alone that have not been tested. It is not worth the risk as you can get salmonella poisoning, yeast, mould, other bacterias and pesticides contaminating the cannabis you buy.
  • Use a reputable dispensary – be careful of using a dispensary that is known and legal and works with the regulations, not against them. Dispensaries are expected to follow legal procedures to sell cannabis so should not sell contaminated cannabis. Ask around before you buy.
  • Check for a potency label – only buy cannabis that has a label showing how potent it is. This will let you know if it is high in THC or CBD so that you do not harm yourself. Avoid strong or contaminated cannabis at all costs.
  • Google it – ask a question about the cannabis you want to buy and you may get the answer you need on Google!

Avoid Contaminated Cannabis at All Costs

So there are ways you can avoid contaminated cannabis – follow these easy steps and you should stay safe. Remember that organic is best. At Medical Cannabis Oils, we sell the best grade Medical Cannabis Oils in the country. We use a solvent-free extraction process on our cannabis oils. We only use coconut oil which has NEVER been stored in any type of syringe. Our Medical Cannabis Oils are manufactured in South Africa using the highest quality equipment, and the best strains of the pure cannabis plants. We supply superior products to you. Take our cannabis oil tinctures for example: this is a pure solution of cannabis oil and organic coconut oil to increase absorption. Tinctures are the best form of cannabis oil if you have to use them during the day.

Chat to us today about getting your pure organic uncontaminated cannabis products. Because we care.


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