Can Cannabis Oil Cure Depression?

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September 20, 2017
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September 20, 2017

Can Cannabis Oil Cure Depression?

Are you wondering whether cannabis oil can cure depression?

Do you feel depressed and are hoping that maybe some cannabis oil would help? Or do you know someone who needs a cannabis oil boost? Well, you have come to the right place. We have the right cannabis oil to cure your depression. Research has shown that some of the compounds in the cannabis plant can ease depression brought on by stress and other issues in your life.

What is Depression?

Depression is a huge word for a condition that ranges from mildly sad to clinically depressed. Real physiological symptoms show that the brain too is under stress. When you get really depressed, you show signs of extraordinary tiredness, loss of interest in things you usually love, irritability, headaches, stomach discomfort, lack of self-esteem, strange muscle or body pains and even self harming. This means that you are definitely in need of help to ease these symptoms. Cannabis oil may be the natural therapy you need.

Your depression could also be a result of extreme stress. When someone is stressed, their body changes in terms of a weakened immune system and is liable to infections and diseases because of being malnourished. You may need a good dose of endocannabinoids – compounds similar to those found in cannabis. These elements have an important role to play as they balance our moods, appetite and immune system and make sure we get enough sleep. So when you get depressed, it would help a lot to up your endocannabinoid function, improving your mood and reducing your stress levels. One way to do this is to use the compounds in marijuana.

Depression and Inflammation

It has also been found that depression is actually an inflammation of the immune system. When people get depressed, their brains become inflamed and show more evidence of the proteins called cytokines. This means that the immune system works very hard to fight off this so called chronic infection which is just your brain, acting up.

It just so happens that cannabis is an anti-inflammatory herb that could help depression then! Scientists in Israel recently showed that cannabis can lessen inflammation in the brain. They stated that if depressed people are given low doses of THC (so that it is not addictive), this could protect the brain from such neuroinflammatory conditions. The antioxidants in cannabis speed up recovery from brain traumas so that new brain cells can grow. This means that if the brain is inflamed during depression, the depression will be relieved.

Cannabis Can Ease Depression

In laymen’s terms, cannabis can ease depression simply by assisting you to get more sleep, to eat better, to laugh more and to feel less muscle and bodily pain. Many people don’t sleep if they are depressed but a small dose of cannabis oil will aid sleep. It can also boost the appetite as many depressed people don’t eat or eat the wrong foods. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and can fight pain so if you take cannabis oil, vaporised cannabis, edibles or raw cannabis juices, you will be able to ease heal the brain therefore assist your body to heal.

When you feel relaxed, you laugh more and laughter is the best medicine. Yes, cannabis oil can cure depression.

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