The Cannabis Business is a Positive Alternative

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March 13, 2018
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The Cannabis Business is a Positive Alternative

The Cannabis Business is a Positive Alternative

The cannabis business is a positive alternative but there are still risks involved, alongside every opportunity. Business is well aware that the new medical cannabis industry holds plenty of scope for investment. But it is still early days and it is still a bit too early to commit fully to a cannabis venture, say some business owners. Funding a new firm that is not successful in the competitiveness of the industry could be a negative. But the cannabis business is a positive alternative if the companies are set up professionally and take every aspect of cannabis seriously: growing, manufacturing products, marketing, distribution, dispensing and packaging. Cannabis businesses still need to follow strict regulations and test all raw cannabis they obtain to sell as is or as a tincture, oil, capsule, e-juice and other edible.

Where Does Cannabis Stand Legally?

Cannabis has been legalised in 29 states for medical use and there is approval for recreational cannabis use in 8 states. But still cannabis is classed as a Schedule 1 drug which makes investment in cannabis a bit shaky. Banks and large finance houses cannot invest in cannabis or even assist start up companies to get going. This means that irresponsible opportunists try to fund new cannabis businesses to make a fast buck but this often ruins everyone involved. It is interesting to note that the number of cannabis companies in Canada has grown to about 50.

Get into the Growing Side of Cannabis Business

The cannabis business is a positive business, it seems for those putting their money into the growing phase as growers need land and if it is done commercially, they need a lot of land. There are also opportunities in biotechnology, the medical production side of the cannabis industry. There is still legal enforcement to worry about while companies run around growing cannabis, picking it and making awesome cannabis products. The pharmaceuticalization of cannabis could be a money spinner but why not use the real stuff, raw and organic? Some companies are aiding cannabis business by providing greenhouses and other equipment for the growing or manufacturing dimensions. Add to this soil, fertilizer, pesticides, lights and other items needed to ensure a healthy crop.

Packaging and Marketing Cannabis is Big Business

The cannabis packaging and marketing business is a positive alternative for many companies and as an add-on to an already established business. Cannabis is a new gimmick right now and is in the public eye so there is a lot of movement towards investing in a dimension of the cannabis chain. Many businesses are waiting for cannabis to be de-scheduled as a Class 1 drug as the legal side is not solid yet. Some companies are wary about ruining their squeaky clean images if they go into supporting the cannabis business. There is a choice and the positives seem to vary between large sucesses and some failures and some companies just cruising without making huge profits yet.

The cannabis business is new. There is potential for it to be a positive alternative for investment and for adding a fascinating dimension to an already existing business such as a garden centre, a courier service, a real estate company and more. What do you think? Would you put your money into cannabis as a positive business alternative?




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