Cannabis E-Juice for Vape Pens Available in South Africa

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October 5, 2017
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Cannabis E-Juice for Vape Pens Available in South Africa

Cannabis E-Juice for Vape Pens Available in South Africa

This one blog title is packed with information. And we are going to unpack it in this blog – we at Medical Cannabis Oils are going to focus now on Cannabis E-Juice, Vape Pens and their availability in South Africa. For those who have already tried cannabis oil in its various forms, the e-juice is just another way of getting your medical dose of the oil. Our cannabis e-juice vaporising oils originate from pure medical cannabis oil concentrates which are then changed into strong e-juices. This allows you to get your medical fix anywhere, anytime, by inhaling the cannabis using an e-cigarette device.  We recommend you vape THC, CBD and THCA e-juice for all those health issues that currently bug you. But let us now explain the differences between the e-juices and how each one benefits you uniquely:

Using CBD in your Vape Pen

When you take CBD in a vape pen, it is absorbed far quicker by your body than when you take the oil or capsules orally. Pure CBD is a cannabinoid that does not give you that high feeling and is very useful for those who experience pain, inflammation and varying discomfort due to health and immunity issues. Vaporised CBD oil acts faster and more effectively than any other method of taking it and it is pure and safe. It can taste like hemp and is a powerful way of dealing instantly with your ailments.

THC E-Juice Acts Fast

THC oils are made from the flowers and new leaves of the cannabis plant therefore are powerful and give patients that high. When you vape the oil, it is extremely powerful and will bring instant pain relief and will solve all your insomnia problems. THC should be vaped with caution as it makes the user feel euphoric and happy and may cause paranoia. THC Vape Pens are the rage in some parts of the world – you can use a dropper bottle to fill your pen and then you smoke the oil in the same way  you use an e-cigarette.

Vaping THCA Oil

This cannabis oil is also called tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and has different properties from THC. It is non-psychoactive and when heated for a vape pen, it can be useful for cancer treatment and the management of pain and inflammation.

Vaping E-Juice

We sell all of these e-juice products so you need to find your own vape pen. There are a huge variety out there and they work without any combustion (which happens when smoking cannabis and which then destroys the effectiveness of the oils). This means that the beneficial properties of the oils are preserved and their impacts are instant  – the user also does not experience any side-effects most smokers get from cigarettes or joints.

When you use our e-juice in your vape pen, which you can buy in South Africa, you are actually recycling as you don’t need to dispose of the cartridge every time you have completed the e-juice in the vape pen. You merely top it up using your dropper bottle. You can also play around a bit with mixing the oils and creating your own blends.

Remember that when you are vaping for your health, or to solve certain illnesses, you need to ensure the dosage is correct, including the ratios of THC to CBD. CBD is able to bring relief to anxiety, it should not make you anxious. THC, on the other hand, is great for pain and inflammatory issues but can make you high.

Please contact us about our e-juice oils for your vape pen and know that  you can get all of these products in South Africa. We are here to assist you choose the right cannabis oil for your vape pen.


  1. Ryan says:

    Please forward price list of e juice. Using Twisp Ion

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi, please could you send me the price of your THC e-juice.

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