Cannabis oil and Cancer Treatment

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August 9, 2017
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September 20, 2017

Cannabis oil and Cancer Treatment

Cannabis oil and Cancer Treatment


Our team at Medical Cannabis Oils have put this article together to highlight how medical grade cannabis oil can assist with cancer treatment. Cannabis oil is a new phenomenon that is taking the health world by storm and for good reason, medical grade cannabis oil has amazing health benefits for the patient. Today, cannabis is no longer getting the negative response it used to get from many people. There are those who still have the perception in their mind but most people have changed their view of cannabis. It is legal now in most countries and it is used to cure a great deal of diseases. However, it is only legal if it is intended for medicinal purposes. All the other uses like altering the state of mind are still considered to be illegal and also called drug abuse. Cannabis oil comes from the famed cannabis plant and it is the one most used for medicinal purposes. Among these purposes is the treatment of cancer.

This surely feels like a great leap in the world of science and medicine. However, research has been conducted today and found out that the ingredients found in cannabis oil can have positive effects on a cancer patient. These tests have been performed in the laboratory and under laboratory conditions.

Cancer is a killer disease today, and it is expensive and extremely painful. Cannabis oil is used to help alleviate pain either from the disease itself or when treatment/ chemotherapy becomes unbearably painful for the patient.

There is still research going on today about how cannabis and its ingredients can help counter this tragic disease called cancer. Early reports have shown that the active elements found in cannabis oil have preventive effects on cancer. These ingredients also cause a reduction in tumor size making it easier to beat cancer for those people suffering from this tragic disease.

Other effects of cannabis oil with regards to cancer treatment are:

  • In a process called apoptosis, the ingredients in cannabis oil can help trigger cancer cells death
  • Prevents the division of cells
  • Reduces the risk of cancerous cells from spreading throughout the body and invading the healthy neighboring tissues
  • Prevents new blood vessels from becoming tumours

If you would like to know more about the medical benefits of cannabis oil and how it can effectively treat cancer. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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