Cannabis Oil as a Cure for Lung Cancer

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October 3, 2017
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October 9, 2017

Cannabis Oil as a Cure for Lung Cancer

Cannabis Oil as a Cure for Lung Cancer

There is a story on the internet you can read about a woman who saved herself from lung cancer using cannabis oil. She was scared to only do what the doctors urged, to have Chemotherapy, so she tried the alternative medicine route, via cannabis oil. She took regular doses a few times a day and 13 months later, she was free of the cancer in her lungs. We are going to chat about cannabis oil as a cure for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Disappears When Using Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can make you very tired if you are taking it all the time so this woman took it as a suppository and was able to maintain her energy levels. She worked with the cannabis oil by changing her diet to a clean, healthy alkaline based way of eating and within months her tumor had shrunk remarkably. The fluid around her heart was gone and her lymph nodes stopped swelling. This is remarkable that the cannabis oil went this far to cure her lung cancer.

The cannabis oil has other properties too and these include relieving the symptoms of the Chemotherapy and boosting the body’s innate immune system – all of which contribute to the fight against diseases like cancer. Another patient swears that Rick Simpson Oil cured his lung cancer. This highly concentrated Cannabis Oil is named after the guy who cured his own skin cancer using his own recipe for cannabis oil and today is assisting many people who are suffering from similar diseases. The patient got rid of his lung cancer and swears that cannabis oil does cure cancer. He also treated all his side-effects from the Chemotherapy successfully using the cannabis oil.

How Does it Work?

These stories provide hope that cannabis oil cures cancer. How does it work? Research is revealing that cannabinoids may slow down or even halt the spread of cancers – of the liver, brain and breast, of leukemia, melanoma others. They seem to encourage the programmed death of cancer cells (known as apoptosis) and have in the past stopped the spread of blood vessels to tumors. One study showed that cannabis oil eliminated a tumor in someone’s brain and it seems that various cannabinoids have differing effects on the cancer in different people.

The best thing to do if you get lung cancer is to consult with your doctor and find the right path together for treatment. It may be a mix of Chemo and cannabis oil that sorts you out. But the proof is out there that cannabis oil can cure cancer or at least its symptoms, and relieve the patient from Chemo side-effects. Take a look at our products and contact us for more information about which cannabis oil is right for you.

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