Is Cannabis Oil Legal in South Africa? Current Update

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September 20, 2017
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September 28, 2017

Is Cannabis Oil Legal in South Africa? Current Update

Is cannabis oil legal in South Africa?

The answer is yes and no. It depends how you keep it and use it. Read more below to find out the current legislation surrounding the use and ownership of cannabis aka dagga in your home and outside in society.

Is cannabis oil legal in South Africa? The answer is yes and no. It depends how you keep it and use it. Read more below to find out the current legislation surrounding the use and ownership of cannabis aka dagga in your home and outside in society.

Dagga can be used in private homes in South Africa

In March this year, the Western Cape High Court ruled that it is OK to own, grow and use dagga at home for your own private use. Those who use marijuana for recreational and medicinal uses rejoiced when they heard this news. But it does it include Cannabis Oil and other derivatives of the cannabis plant? The current update is that this ruling needed at least 24 months to be set in stone. We are now only in October, which is 7 months down the line. We have another year or so to wait for the ruling to made law.

Grow cannabis at home but don’t trade in it or its derivatives

If you buy cannabis oil in South Africa, or any other part of the cannabis/dagga/marijuana plant, you are deemed a criminal. It is still illegal to do this as the ruling was that you may own, grow or use dagga in your own private home only. Trading in cannabis oil is therefore not allowed. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of cannabis oils for sale in South Africa, from the very crude to the very natural and pure. If you are growing dagga at home for personal use and can prove this, you won’t go to jail if you are caught with dagga possession. But the judge has not yet ruled on the laws surrounding buying and selling cannabis and its oil and other by-products.

Cannabis oil can cure your ill-health

If you want to use cannabis oil for your current health issues, you have to come to the right site. We are experts when it comes to your health and the use of the panacea that is cannabis oil. Before you buy cannabis oil in South Africa, check out the scene thoroughly so that you do buy from reputable vendors or companies who are ethical and honest. Be careful of cannabis oil containing crude toxic contaminants – we only use pure natural carrier oils for our cannabis oil products. Black market dealers are ruthless and will milk your for Rands yet sell you absolute rubbish.

Cannabis oil is a medical therapy for many ailments of the human spirit and body. This cannabidiol, or CBD, has great impacts on the brain but does not make you high. It can relieve your pain, arthritis, depression, bipolar disorder, epileptic seizures, glaucoma, tremors, anxiety, insomina and diseases of the bowel. It is known to slow down the nasty effects of cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. Take your CBD regularly and you will be ensured of great health and your illnesses will disappear.

If you want to know more about whether cannabis oil is legal in South Africa and what the current update is, keep in touch with us, you one-stop local cannabis information stop.

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  1. Koos says:

    Alexander Dowding
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    The Davis dagga judgment and what it means for cannabis users
    10:18 22/08/2017
    Over the last few months we’ve been seeing a lot of people saying things like “cannabis is legal in the Western Cape” or “cannabis is only legal in Cape Town”.

    We feel it necessary to present the facts and set the record straight about the March (2017) Western Cape High Court judgment by Judge Dennis Davis, Judge Vincent Saldanha and Judge Nolwazi Boqwana.

    First of all Cannabis is still illegal in the Western Cape and the other eight provinces of South Africa. It is not presently legal in any jurisdiction in South Africa (without being in possession of a permit to cultivate it for research purposes granted by the Department of Health). Only one such permit currently exists (that the public is aware of) and is held by Dr Thandeka Kunene of House of Hemp.

    The Davis judgment gave the South African government a period of two years/24 months (from the date the judgment was set down) to bring the existing laws concerning cannabis in line with provisions in the South African constitution.

    It is very important that you understand that if you grow or possess cannabis on your property you can still legally be raided and arrested by the police, BUT you are within your rights to ask to see a signed search warrant before allowing anyone to set foot onto your property.

    If you go through the process of being arrested and are required to appear in court on charges for possession on your private property you do have the right to use the Davis judgment as a defence, which in most cases should result in your charges being dropped/dismissed or thrown out. You must be sure to claim your right to privacy in your own home as per the Davis judgment when you speak to the magistrate.

    NB: in the rare event that your charges are not thrown out you will still have the option to apply for a stay of prosecution in which case you should contact either the Dagga Party of South Africa OR Fields of Green for All (NPO). Both can easily be found on Facebook or Twitter.

    The Davis judgment is a High Court judgment, which technically means that it can be used as a defence by anyone appearing in a magistrates court (which is lower than a High Court) in any municipality or metro in any province of South Africa. Bear in mind that the judgment can only be used as a defence in cases where you were found to be in possession of cannabis on your private property or in your residence. The judgement cannot be used as a defence for possession in public places e.g. on the street or in your car when being searched at a roadblock. It also does not apply if you have been arrested for dealing or supplying cannabis.

    Please also be aware that the government has lodged an appeal against the Davis judgment, which is scheduled to be heard on the 7th of November 2017 at the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in Bloemfontein.

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