Would You Give Your Children Cannabis Oil?

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February 26, 2018
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March 6, 2018

Would You Give Your Children Cannabis Oil?

Would You Give Your Children Cannabis Oil?

Would you give your children cannabis oil if they had a chronic disease? Would you give your children cannabis oil if they were negatively affected by pharmaceuticals they had to take for something serious? Would you give your children cannabis oil if you knew it would help them focus at school? Would you give your children cannabis oil if everyone was against it and only you believed in it?

The world is changing so fast – children increasingly get adult diseases and medication is changing to treat them. Children also get cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, depression and arthritis. How sad. Giving your child pharmaceuticals is heart-breaking when you know how these can damage their organs. Have you ever thought about giving your children cannabis oil? Now is the time to educate yourself about this increasingly popular medication – which is also safe.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is Safe Enough For Children

Many parents only consider giving their children cannabis oil when all other options have been exhausted. And for many parents, treating their children with cannabis oil remains a very controversial issue. The best route to take is to start with the gentle cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), one of the primary cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabis comprises up to 200 different cannabinoids, the psychoactive one being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has been a recreational drug for thousands of years.

CBD and THC are health therapies and can compliment each other when treating serious illnesses. Children are already using CBD because it is non-psychoactive and has no negative side effects. Some children with epilepsy have used CBD to help them decrease the frequency and intensity of their seizures, allowing them a better quality life and time to do the things they love. And some mothers are now giving their children with autism cannabis oil to help them integrate into society a bit easier.

CBD is a Panacea for Health

CBD removes children from the dangers of their disease, the pharmaceuticals they may be taking, their confinement indoors and their depressions. It is a known anti-inflammatory, pain killer, anti-depressant and stress reliever. CBD can also improve sleep and eating habits, tackling serious diseases like cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and others with success.  Tests have been done using CBD on children and reveal that they did not experience any of the side effects associated with THC (which include extreme fatigue and accelerated heart beats). Some doctors now recommend CBD for children with autism, ADHD, anxiety and pain. Would you give your children cannabis oil?

If You Have Children Consider These Points:

  • Take CBD cannabis oil to be safe. Some doctors may recommend a blend of THC:CBD where the THC is in such small quantities it is hardly noticeable. The CBD mitigates the high that the THC would have caused. Make sure you buy your cannabis oil legally, from a reputable agency or dispensary.
  • Cannabis oil is not cheap but neither are pharmaceuticals. Choose health above dis-ease and put your money where it works and where your child is safe
  • Research on humans regarding the use of cannabis oil in general is still ongoing as most research has occurred in laboratories and on animals. Clarity is still needed on the safety of cannabis oil for all people – everyone is different and every person reacts differently to different medications.
  • Be careful buying cannabis oil online when you have not met the owners and have no idea what you are getting. Make sure it is legal and pure and that the dispensary is known and safe.
  • Get your cannabis oil for your children legally and when recommended by a doctor. Find out how to take the oil and make it the safest method for your children. Some doctors recommend children drink a few drops in a glass of milk or put drops under their tongue.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about cannabis oil and the possibilities for your children. Share your ideas, ask other parents who have taken the plunge to give their children cannabis oil. Join a forum online to discuss giving children cannabis oil for autism and other neurological disorders.

The Endocannabinoid System

Maybe you would give your children cannabis oil if you knew about the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS)? This biological system comprises endocannabinoids, which are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors and cannabinoid receptor proteins. These are expressed through the central nervous system (including the brain) and the peripheral nervous system. When you take cannabis oil, the cannabinoids from the cannabis now bind to these receptors and can assist the endocannabinoid system to maintain its innate balance, if this is out of kilter. Disease starts when there is an imbalance.

Medical Cannabis Oils can assist you with choosing a cannabis oil to give your children. We offer pure cannabis oils, safe and effective, for your health.



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