I Have HIV – Will Cannabis Oil Help Me?

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December 4, 2017
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December 6, 2017

I Have HIV – Will Cannabis Oil Help Me?

I Have HIV – Will Cannabis Oil Help Me?

If  you have HIV and are wondering if cannabis oil will help you then the answer is yes. Cannabis oil is a panacea for many conditions including nausea, vomiting, pain, depression and anxiety. These are all very real symptoms of HIV so taking cannabis oil if you have HIV will help you. Cannabis contains cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which are known medicinal therapies. They interact with the human endocannabinoid system to ensure the innate balance of moods, hormones, metabolism and sleep patterns. This in turn assists the health of the immune system. HIV is all about the eventual break down of the immune system. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that attacks the immune system’s CD4 cells which are there to fight infections. So the HIV can take over, reducing the CD4 cells and breaking down the immune system to the point where the patient can no longer fight diseases or infections. Terrible diseases like cancer and TB then kill the patient. At this stage, they have AIDS, the final stage of HIV.

Cannabis Oil Reduces Side Effects of Medication

Yes, cannabis oil will help you if you have HIV. The CBD will alleviate your pain and insomnia, your depression and lack of appetite. It will sort out your anxiety and deal with  your sore joints and tingling nerve ends. The CBD will also take the edge off the pain killers or other drugs you are taking to treat the HIV yet which have terrible side effects. If cannabis oil can strengthen the immune system, then surely it can keep HIV at bay? Scientists did tests on animals using THC and found that this cannabinoid was able to reduce the inflammation in the gut and increase the creation of CD 4 and CD 8 cells in the stomach. It seems that HIV attacks lymphoid tissue in the stomach where CD4 cells are destroyed. But if THC can stall this process, it could assist with treating the HIV.

How Do CBD and THC Reduce HIV Symptoms?

More research has also revealed that cannabis oil containing CBD or THC can play a role in reducing the spread of HIV. These cannabinoids interact with receptors CB1 and CB2 and block the signalling between the virus and other receptors so that the virus infects less cells and moves slower. People with HIV also start to show neurocognitive disorders as the HIV progresses on its deathly path. It enters the brain and damages cognitive functioning even if the immune system remains quite strong. Cannabis oil can ease the inflammation associated with neurological disorders and assist people with cancer, heart disease and bone disease.

Researchers are investigating the possibility of a cannabis-based anti-retroviral which would be cheaper, easier to use and without the terrible side effects of anti-retrovirals. This would make the medicine available to those who cannot afford the HIV drugs. Take a look at our cannabis oil products and see if there are any there that may help HIV. Contact us for any advise regarding HIV and help with cannabis oils.

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