Legal Update – Cannabis Oil in South Africa

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February 7, 2018
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February 15, 2018

Legal Update – Cannabis Oil in South Africa

Legal Update – Cannabis Oil in South Africa

For a legal update on the latest cannabis oil news in South Africa, read on. There has been a lack of news since the March 2017 court case in the Western Cape when government deemed it permissible to grow and use cannabis in the privacy of your own home. But nowhere else, and not on a commercial scale. So now, the famous Dagga Couple are appealing the decision – which could take as long as two years in total for a final decision to be made. While we wait for a legal update on the cannabis oil situation in South Africa, it is still illegal. That is, no one may cultivate cannabis on a commercial scale for the production of medical cannabis or recreational cannabis and no one may sell it. You may use it any way you want to in the comfort of your own home.

Licenses to Cultivate and Produce Cannabis are Scarce

While we wait, take note that not one license has been issued for anyone to grow, own or use or trade in cannabis in South Africa.  One person only has won a license to research industrial cannabis and the Department of Health has yet to issue any Section 21 application for the use of medical cannabis in the case of a chronic disease. But many people have applied for such applications so what is going on? Of course, the country needs cannabis regulations but these need to be drawn up with the input of all roleplayers to allow every one to benefit and to avoid any corruption.

A Cannabis Cafe in Sandton City

If  you are looking for a legal update into the cannabis oil debate in South Africa, look no further than Sandton City in Johannesburg.  Enter 420 Cafe and order some cannabis. No persons under 21 allowed inside, of course, and did you know that 420 is actually a slang word for marijuana? The number is a code for people who want to smoke cannabis or take it in another form. Apparently at 4.20 pm high school students in San Rafael smoked cannabis during the 1970s. In Sandton, the cannabis crowd is cosmopolitan – from your top lawyers and business people to your average admin people and normal workers. There are no dope smoker stereotypes here. Enter this cannabis joint and smoke a joint freely.

Latest Legal Cannabis Oil Update – Is There Such A Thing?

And all of this is going on while the Western Cape High Court must still decide on what the legal update on cannabis, and cannabis oil, will be in South Africa. So the decision still has to be made on the real legality of cannabis and what to do about it in public. The court did ban recreational, commercial and agricultural use of cannabis but activists want this law to be revoked and all laws about cannabis to be rewritten. The 420 Cafe stays open as it uses the excuse it is for people who have been prescribed medical cannabis for some issue and need to take it, out of sight of the public eye. The Cafe also sells cannabis edibles, disguised as muffins and things. Drugs and alcohol are not tolerated at this cannabis cafe.

A legal update on the cannabis oil situation in South Africa is therefore very hazy. The government has apparently appealed the March 2017 High Court decision and the famous Dagga Couple are also appealing. Now we wait to see what will transpire, for or against cannabis in the country. Meanwhile, take a look at our cannabis oil products and see why we believe in them for medicinal reasons.

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