Medical Cannabis For Chronic Pain

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November 30, 2017
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Medical Cannabis For Chronic Pain

Medical Cannabis For Chronic Pain

Finding the right dose and the right quality medical cannabis for your chronic pain can be a roller coaster ride. Log onto our website to view our products and you are already half way there! Medical Cannabis Oils promotes pure healthy medical cannabis oils to treat acute pain. We choose cannabis, something natural and not created in a lab by humans.  Our cannabis products are healthier, cleaner and more effective than traditional pharmaceuticals. Did you know that cannabis plants are known to cure or manage diseases like cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, epilepsy and more? Our medical cannabis products, often used for chronic pain, are produced in an organic environment using only coconut butter as a solvent.

Medical CBD or THC, that is the Question?

Before you choose the appropriate medical cannabis strain for your needs, call on us to clarify what it is you require. It is useful to at least understand the differences between the cannabis species and what they do for body and mind. Generally, medical cannabis products made from Cannabis sativa contain high cannabidiol (CBD) and lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the cannabinoids in the plant known to heal human ailments. These products are empowering, energetic and go to the head so best to use during the day.

Medical cannabis products produced from Cannabis indica promote a relaxing effect, and quite a vibration in the body thanks to the  high THC to CBD ration – use it at night. Sativa is good for depression and anxiety  and elevates moods so that patients do actually experience a natural high. Indica is best as a treatment for patients on cancer or HIV/AIDS therapy and is calming. It is also a great healer for chronic pain so this choice of medical cannabis would be for you.

What are you Treating?

Using THC and CBD cannabis oils for pain will work for you depending on the type of pain and which ailment you are treating. CBD reduces inflammation in the body, therefore pain so is great for arthritis and muscle spasms. Use CBD with THC for maximum healing of pain as the CBD dulls the effects of the THC high yet together they ensure pain relief. Medical cannabis strains with a high percentage of CBD do heal migraines and anxiety too. Take it for a clearer mind and more energy.

It is difficult to choose the right medical cannabis product for chronic pain. Try our capsules, tinctures, pain creams and e-juice. Many clients have called our cannabis balm “life-changing” or a “life saver” – curing their arthritis or any other form of a chronic pain. This medical cannabis oil-infused cream is perfect if you have pain in specific areas of your body or you simply can’t take cannabis oil in any other form. We have mixed it with shea butter and a beautiful mixture of the essential oils, with peppermint being the most noticeable.

Contact Medical Cannabis Oils today for your dosage and product lists and we can assist you to buy the right medical cannabis for chronic pain.

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