Medical Grade Cannabis Oil Works for Anxiety

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December 12, 2017
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December 15, 2017

Medical Grade Cannabis Oil Works for Anxiety

Medical Grade Cannabis Oil Works for Anxiety

Choose a medical grade cannabis oil that works for your anxiety. Cannabis oil is available in many different strains, from powerful to gentle. Some are potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-infused oils which can create feelings of euphoria or increase anxiety and paranoia. Others are gentle like cannabindiol (CBD)-infused oils which heal the cause the issue, creating a sense of calm. Some medical grade cannabis oils work for anxiety because they are a blend of THC and CBD cannabinoids – the CBD reduces the ‘high’ effects of the THC and the medication then works very well.

If you are feeling anxious, choose a medical grade cannabis oil that suits the degree of worry you are experiencing. If you are very depressed and cannot function, you will need a stronger dose. If you are merely worried about something in your life, you may need a gentle dose to calm you – this will prevent your mild anxiety developing into a major illness. It is always best to choose a cannabis oil rich in CBD to take the edge off any anxiety.

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

It all starts with a little bit of worry. Then stress. Then your daily life begins to get affected because you are tense, you eat badly, you sleep little, your feel muscular spasms in your neck and shoulders. Do not let this develop into an anxiety disorder: panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, phobias, generalised anxiety disorder. You will experience cold or perspiring hands and feet,  numb hands and feet, insomnia, fear and mistrust, difficulty in breathing, irregular heart beat, dry mouth, dizziness and tense muscles.

Take a Medical Grade Cannabis Oil of Your Choice to Stay Calm

Taking a medical grade cannabis oil works for anxiety because it controls the way the brain is working and calms the patient down. The source of the anxiety could be an environmental stress or related to alcohol abuse, mental illness or other addictions. Many patients talk to mental health experts and take medication but now medical grade cannabis oil can be the alternative medication that really works.

How do the Cannabinoids Work to Reduce Anxiety?

One of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD) which does have the power to inhibit anxiety. Studies have shown that CBD made a huge impact on patients in reducing worry, cognitive damage and the stress that people suffer with social phobias, especially when having to speak in public. Scientists discovered that CBD stimulates cannabinoid receptors in the brain which reduce certain fatty acids therefore decrease anxiety.

THC vs CBD Effects

At Medical Cannabis Oils we offer you a fantastic combination medical cannabis oil: CBD and THC for the best anxiety fighter ever. THC is restorative when mixed with CBD, lessening the impact of its psychoactive effects. And CBD is such a great health panacea, we recommend it for all conditions from anxiety to cancer. Or our medical grade cannabis oil tinctures work very well as they have been mixed with organic coconut oil to increase absorption. Take several drops during the day and you will feel calm and anxiety-free. It really works.

Chat to one of our consultants about how our medical cannabis oil really works for your anxiety.

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