Parkinson’s Disease and Cannabis Oil

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July 11, 2018
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Parkinson’s Disease and Cannabis Oil

There is a relationship between Parkinson’s Disease and cannabis oil, a positive relationship where the one helps the other. Cannabis oil is now recognised as a natural remedy that can alleviate some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s. This debilitating neurological condition is uncomfortable and can cause depression and anxiety in the patient too. Cannabis oil can alleviate physical and emotional symptoms bringing comfort and an improved quality of life to the Parkinson’s sufferer.

Parkinson’s is Permanent but Cannabis Oil Can Help

It is sad that there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease which becomes a permanent illness that impacts the nervous system. The initial stages of Parkinson’s include stiffness and lack of coordination of movement. Later, this affects speech, memory, state of mind and posture. Research is now showing that cannabis oil can help people manage their symptoms and experience no side effects. Strong pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed for Parkinson’s patients, often causing other issues due to their terrible side effects. Some of these include liver damage, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, nausea, constipation and memory loss!

Cannabinoids Like CBD are Natural Healing Agents

Cannabis oil can benefit the pain associated with Parkinson’s, inflammation, the shaking, the insomnia, mood swings and stiff or uncoordinated movements. Cannabinoids in the cannabis oil are known healing chemical compounds which have developed an intricate relationship with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. The body has numerous cannabinoid receptors spread throughout the central nervous system and brain, peripheral nervous system and immune system. Cannabidiol (CBD) usually interacts with CB2 receptors in the immune system, while tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) usually binds to receptors in the brain. THC however is a psychoactive compound which could cause more harm than good to Parkinson’s patients, despite it being a wonderful pain killer and anti-inflammatory. It is mainly elderly people who succumb to Parkinson’s so making them high would not really benefit them.

CBD Cannabis Oil Can Treat Parkinson’s Symptoms

CBD is the best cannabinoid to use to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s. It is a calming oil and is known to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as pain and inflammation. Best of all, Parkinson’s patients have reported that CBD helps them to move better and reduces the stiffness in their muscles. It has also been shown to improve libido, fatigue, dementia and difficulties concentrating and thinking. All symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, along with the reduced movement and spasticity which starts first.

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