The Top 5 Uses for Cannabis Oil – for Your Great Health

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The Top 5 Uses for Cannabis Oil – for Your Great Health

The Top 5 Uses for Cannabis Oil – for your Great Health

Cannabis oil is an amazing panacea which has been used for centuries around the world to heal people, enable healing and to relieve the side-effects of other drugs. This complex plant has many beneficial uses for human health and we are going to list what we feel are the top 5 uses for cannabis oil to ensure your great health.

  1. Eases nausea – within the cannabis plant exist more than 80 cannabinoid compounds and it is the THC and the CBD oils which help you get rid of nausea and vomiting. Researchers found that low doses of CBD stop people vomiting if they have a stomach bug or are battling the side-effects of other medication (for example, chemotherapy to treat cancer).
  2. Decreases and stops pain – cannabis oil helps the body fight pain by impeding nerve messages to the brain that the body is sore. The CBD decreased the body’s ability to feel pain without then causing the body to get too used to pain. In other words, CBD is a great analgesic.
  3. Reduces anxiety or stress – during studies on animals, researchers found that CBD boosts serotonin in a similar way that some hectic anti-depressants do; cannabis oil may assist the hippocampus to grow new neurons which will help with anxiety and depression.
  4. Reduces the potential for people to get diabetes – CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to have positive impacts on glucose and insulin resistance in the USA. Researchers found that people who took cannabis oil had smaller waist circumferences than those who were larger and weight is a factor when dealing with diabetes.
  5. Endorses healthy hearts – people who take a regular dose of cannabis oil are protecting their heart from a high glucose situation and inflammation. CBD improves general health which immediately has a positive effect on the heart.

There area many more uses for cannabis oil where the promotion of human health is obvious. We urge you to consult us when you have a health issue or are feeling low and we can assist  you. We know that cannabis oil even has the ability to drive cancer away, and to treat serious neurological ailments.

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