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September 20, 2017
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Try Our Cannabis Vape E-Juice

For a new lease on life, try our cannabis vape e-juice. Now you can self-medicate by inhaling your cannabis with an e-cigarette gadget. Just take it out of your handbag or pocket and inhale and no one will think anything of it. No characteristic smell, just an e-cigarette. We make a quality e-juice for vaping e-cigarettes and other gadgets – this is made from pure medical cannabis oils, altered into a strong e-juice for your vaporizer – any place, any time. More and more people are trying vaping and now we have the e-juice.

Why vape and how?

Vaping is the new black – people do it for the health benefits and it is much safer than smoking. Cannabis vaporizers are specially designed for users to inhale their cannabis without adding any toxins into the mix. A few studies have shown that vaping is safer than smoking fresh marijuana as there are fewer carcinogenic compounds as the oils in the vape are merely heated to combustion point, before being burned. In a nutshell, vaping is the warming of cannabis without setting it alight. And when you vape our e-juice, you can take it anywhere you go and still enjoy your day.

Relief in Vaping

When patients with breathing problems inhale cannabis oil vape, they feel relief through the vapor and feel clear-headed. Vaporization is the new healthy trend for the cannabis industry as it falls between taking the oils and creams or inhaling the smoke from fresh cannabis, or using the THC oils that give you the high. Tuck your slim and trendy vape pen into your bag and head out and have your fix whenever you need it – elegantly healthy.

Try our high quality e-juices designed for all sorts of vaping e-cigarettes and devices. Our cannabis e-juice vaporising oils are made from pure medical cannabis concentrate oils and converted into powerful e-juice so you can medicate and vape discreetly anywhere. Available in THC, CBD and THCA in 10ml e-juice bottles. Make sure you choose your gadget so that you can vape madly and safely wherever you are:

  • Desktop or Stationary Vaporizers – easy to use at home, these kinds of vaporizers need to plugged in somewhere convenient as you cannot move these around. The plus side of choosing these vapes is that they produce a better quality vapor via a convection heating source and they offer techno trendy features – invite your friends around to vape with you for  a rewarding chillout time together.
  • Pen Vapes – small portable vaporizers that are unobtrusive, easy to use, and cost much less than bigger vaporizers that you can move around, or those that you keep in one place. Remember that vape pens can usually transmit energy for heating so make sure you understand how it works so as not to overheat your pen vape. Luckily there are many different kinds of pens to choose from.
  •  Portable Vaporizers – chosen by travellers who want something small and easy to carry when they need their cannabis. Slip these into your bag and you can access them anytime – they also look very nondescript so won’t draw attention to you when you do use them. Add to this the fact that they can be recharged, or you fill up with butane or choose a flame one. They are becoming more streamlined even as you read this.
  • Tubing or Whip Vaporizers – Tubes or whips are long pipes made from silicone piping, about a meter in length, which is attached to the vaporizer and a fan forces air over the cannabis, through this pipe into a bag or balloon. You draw on the mouthpiece to get your vapor but no cannabis gets into your mouth thanks to the wand which separates you from the herb.
  • Direct draw – usually associated with pen vapes, these vaporizers come with mouthpieces joined to the item which encourages the vapor to flow straight from the warm element to the one doing the vaping. Some direct draw vaporizers offer a removable stem (typically glass), while others have the mouthpiece permanently attached (like pen vaporizers).
  • Balloon style or bag Vapes -often used in a group, these plastic bags can be attached to a vape unit through a valve to stop the vapor escaping. While the bag is being passed around the room, the owner sticks a mouthpiece into the valve to keep the vapor there for the next bag round. Some of these vapes use tubes so that users draw straight from the bag – the vapor can be very hot and strong however.

Find the vape you prefer and we supply the cannabis oils. Voila!

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  1. Johan says:

    Very Good product.The best vape oil I had so far.Really works for my arthritis.

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