What is Hemp Oil?

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What is Hemp Oil?

What is Hemp Oil?

We hear many of you ask, “What is Hemp Oil?” There is so much focus these days on cannabis oil so where does loyal hemp fit in? Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant which is part of the Cannabis species. The oil comes mostly from the seeds but the entire plant can be pressed for its oil. When the oil is cold pressed, it is nutty in taste with a green shine and is super healthy. This nutritional oil has enormous health benefits but once refined, it loses this awesome colour and all the innate goodness. Hemp oil does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant.

Hemp oil vs CBD and THC

Hemp oil differs from both THC and cannabidiol (CBD) oils in several ways. While hemp oil and cannabis oils are derived from the same Cannabis Sativa, this one plant contains several unique chemical compounds all of which affect the body in different ways. CBD oil is like hemp oil and is recognised as a mostly lawful health panacea. The relevant cannabidoids are taken from the plant for medicinal purposes, not for that high that some people want. While THC oil does provide a high, it also contains innate healing powers which need to be researched and then the oils used carefully. But back to hemp oil – what is it exactly?

Hemp Oil for Your Health

Hemp oil is a fantastic all round health supplement and can be used in soaps and body care products. It is a wonderful addition to lubricants and paints too. Many people use it on their skin to treat dryness or it can be made into skin creams or body oils. Hemp oil, however, does not last long and can go rancid rather quickly.  Rather store it in a dark place or refrigerator to preserve it. Many people also love hemp oil as an addition to food such as salad, or dressings to improve the taste and nutritional quality of their food. Hemp oil offers the perfect Omega 3/6 balance which increases immunity, slows down the aging process of the skin, improves psoriasis and  heart health. Hemp oil is known to fight inflammation, depression and is a great overall antioxidant.

Some countries have banned hemp as it has a bad name thanks to its relation to the cannabis plant. Industrial hemp is usually allowed as this hemp is grown for industrial purposes and is made into clothing, paper, ropes, floors and many other household products these days. When hemp oil is used in plastic production, it does not impact the environment negatively by releasing harmful chemicals – which is what petroleum based plastics do.

Look out for hemp oil in your local health store and try it for your health needs. Now you know what hemp oil is, the next step is to try it. We can assist so contact us for more information.

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