Various Intake Methods for Cannabis Oils

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Various Intake Methods for Cannabis Oils

Various Intake Methods for Cannabis Oils

It has taken centuries for people to perfect their various intake methods for cannabis oils. Today, it is down to a fine art. Some intake methods ensure the cannabis goes straight to the heart of the matter while other ways of consuming this plant take longer but are equally powerful. So what are cannabis oils and what do we mean by intake methods?

Cannabis Oils and Ways of Consuming Them

Cannabis is a medicinal plant that has been used for hundreds of years to cure many common and chronic diseases. As studies emerge about the benefits of cannabis on the human body and mind, more countries are starting to legalise medicinal cannabis. There is growing proof that cannabis oils can heal pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and even cancer. Most people are taking cannabis oils which are made from extracts of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two most common chemical compounds or cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is known to heal a variety of conditions without any psychoactive side effects while THC is also a great therapy but does have the pyschoactive effects that give the user a high.

There are various intake methods for these cannabis oils which we will list here:

  • Tinctures – a very popular intake method, these liquids are taken on or under the tongue and enter the bloodstream immediately. You can buy them in a choice of strengths, flavours and strains, depending on your needs. Pure tinctures are consumed in carrier oils such as olive or coconut oil.
  • Capsules – a concentrate taken orally that takes a while to enter the body but then has strong benefits.
  • Vaporising – this way of consuming cannabis is far better than smoking as there is no combustion as the chemical compounds vaporise at a lower heat. The taste is great and the lungs are not affected. The effects are also felt immediately. At Medical Cannabis Oils, we sell cannabis vaporising e-juice, made for those who want to medicate through inhaling the cannabis with the e-cigarette device. Our high quality made e-juices are designed for all sorts of vaping e-cigarettes and devices. Our cannabis e-juice vaporising oils are made from pure medical cannabis concentrate oils and converted into powerful e-juice.
  • Lotions and balms – infused with cannabis oils or fast relief from pain and irritation or inflammation. Using topicals rules out the need to eat of vape or smoke the cannabis.
  • Edibles – many people like to consume cannabis oils in their food and drink. Make your own cannabis oil infused lemonade, butter, or stir fry and be careful of the effect which takes a while to happen but can be powerful.

The Intake Method Should Suit the Need

The various intake methods for cannabis oils have been designed for medicinal purposes mostly. Some people take the oil to feel the effects but then they choose THC for their high. People who are ill need to choose their intake methods carefully as there are unique ways to take cannabis oil for chronic diseases. We are here to assist you buy your cannabis oil online and to advise  you which intake methods will suit your needs.


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