The Vegan Diet is Trending

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The Vegan Diet is Trending

The vegan diet is trending as the top consumer movement for 2018. Veganism is in. Being a vegan is hot. Now that is saying a lot – people are choosing healthier lifestyles, more ethical and moral ways of living. We are living in times of acute climate change crisis, and many people want to undo this trend. So, by starting a new trend, maybe we can help save the planet? Eating less meat definitely has huge positive effects for human health, animal compassion and global warming. As more restaurants open up their menus to include vegan dishes, so too do more diners experiment with vegan food. As they feel its health benefits, they can choose to ditch the meat and animal products altogether. The vegan diet is trending.

Healthier Lifestyles Include More Plants, Less Meat

People who want to lead healthier lifestyles want more convenience, more diverse, gluten-free, plant-based eating plans. Surveys have shown that the number of people seeking healthier food options has grown by 94% while gluten-free seekers are up by 72%. Consumers are becoming very conscious – environmentally and ethically – and this all boils down to what they choose to eat. The vegan diet is trending because people are seeking plant based meals to move away the negative effects of meat eating. They are aware of climate change and global warming and how keeping animals in a controlled, cruel environment is contributing to gas omissions. Animals are not treated with compassion when farmed for food and this is making plenty of people feel ashamed about the meat they eat.

It is great news that in the UK some 52 000 people are following a vegan diet but in the United States, this number is sadly substantially lower: only 1.62 million people in the USA are vegan, a paltry half of 1%! This may change during 2018 which is the year for the vegan diet to be trending. Food consumers predict this is the year of more vegan options, healthier diets and more awareness about what the meat industry is, and what meat does to our bodies.

Why is Meat so Unhealthy?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared processed meat to be carcinogenic only last year. Processed meats are loved by people all around the world and include viennas for hot dogs, hamburgers, boerewors, bacon, sausages, ham, deli meats and smoked meats. Red meats are also cancer causing. People who eat these products are at more risk of getting colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancers. Eating meat can also cause heart disease, not to mention many other immune system issues. Meat is packed with saturated fats and cholestrol, causing hundreds of Americans to die early from heart disease or cancer. Often there is too much iron in meat, and far too much sodium and nitrates in processed meats. Eating meat has become a moral dilemma, especially among the younger generation who abhor the way animals are treated on meat producing farms. In addition, environmental concerns worry many more people as the earth fights climate change, plastics and pollution overloads and the technological revolution.

Why is the Vegan Diet Trending?

More people are concerned about obesity and losing weight. They want to feel healthier and are making moves away from meat towards plant-based diets. Restaurants are following this trend and offering more wholesome vegan dishes – even pizza cheeses will become vegan this year. Investing in veganism is big news now – the plant-based foods market hit a record $3.1 billion in sales during the past year! People love to read bloggers who advocate vegan eating and add to the status of the trending of veganism. Be on the look out for false meat dishes now, including faux fish and hamburgers, pizzas and hot dogs. BUT be careful about the processed vegan foods. Some people do not understand the importance of eating raw, fresh plant foods and overload their diets with processed mock meats and breads and sugar. The vegan diet is trending because people are also worried about global warming and compassion towards farm animals.

A Balanced Vegan Diet

Eat as many fresh and raw fruits and vegetables as you need. Then add:

  • Proteins – lentils, beans, soy beans, chickpeas, peas, tofu, tempeh, seitan (a protein made from wheat), soy drinks, nuts and seeds. There is protein in whole grains and vegetables, brown rice and oats.
  • Vitamin B12 -take fortified plant drinks, nutritional yeast, breakfast cereals or soy products containing enough B12 – or take a supplement.
  • Calcium – take fortified plant drinks, orange juice, beans, cooked green leafy vegetables (kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach), cooked broccoli, almonds, tahini, and blackstrap molasses.
  • Iron – eat plenty of beans, lentils, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, dried fruit – and combine them with Vitamin C rich citrus fruits, strawberries, red peppers and tomato juice for better absorption.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – ground flaxseed, flax oil, walnuts, soybeans.

The vegan diet is trending and we know that 2018 is going to be the year to go vegan. Drop meat and turn your awareness to your bodily and mental health, the future of animals who are maltreated to make food for humans, and the future of the planet.



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