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  • Cannabis Balm

    This cannabis oil – infused balm is perfect if you have pain in specific areas of your body.  We have mixed it with Shea butter and a blend of beautiful essential oils including peppermint. It is the perfect solution for localised pain.

  • Cannabis Oil Capsules

    Our cannabis oil capsules, packed with the CBD benefits are our biggest cancer fighter! They have a great medical value, cause no liver damage, fight cancer, help with epilepsy seizures and have the most amazing effects with any pain management.


  • Cannabis Oil Tincture Dropper

    Tinctures are the best form of cannabis oil if you have to use them during the day. They allow you to manage doses. You can have 3 drops – or you can have 15 drops if you are treating a serious disease like cancer, but still need to stay sharp during the day.